Throughout American history, solutions to the problems of civil society have typically been found and implemented through the combined efforts of government and the business community. The problems that we face today and that we discuss on The American Leader are no different – solving those problems will continue to depend on the combined efforts of both sectors of society. Consequently, we present for your consideration those solutions that evidence and logic suggest can have a positive impact on the problem targeted, regardless of their political feasibility, commercial acceptability, or ideological roots. Our most important criteria for including a solution here is that research suggests it can work and make the bonds of our society stronger.

Our objective is to make it easier for members of the public to focus their attention on possible workable solutions to our common problems in a context that helps them to understand the potential strengths and weaknesses of each. We believe that such concentrated consideration of solutions is essential to increasing the strength of will required by elected representatives and business executives to implement the most effective and sometimes necessarily disruptive solutions.

SolutionRelated Problems
Expand Adoption of ESOPs
Income & Wealth Inequality, Poverty
Expand EITCPoverty, Income & Wealth Inequality
Increase taxes on the wealthyIncome & Wealth Inequality
Limit executive compensationIncome & Wealth Inequality
Raise the minimum wagePoverty, Income & Wealth Inequality