The American Leader is being developed as a response to the mainstream news media’s vulnerability to campaigns that seek to promote partisan messages or that use the 24/7 stream of headlines to distort, distract from, and obfuscate important truths and views. The words we use to describe this problem are multiple – misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and lately, fake news – but the result is the same: a public that is numb to the politics and business practices being reported that leave problems unaddressed rather than make tangible progress towards resolving them.

Now, after decades of party politics and competition have reached new extremes, partisan agendas are undermining the pillars of our democracy, suppressing citizens’ right to vote, enriching the rich while limiting the ability of the less privileged and fortunate to get ahead, and openly pandering to those in our society who act on hate and fear of those who are different. All this despite the vigilance of the news media, which was outfoxed by a political propaganda campaign that steadily eroded faith in the very institutions and individuals who stand for an American flag that demands not blind loyalty but honor, integrity, and trust that none would be left behind.

At The American Leader, we believe that it takes a nation of “citizen CEOs” to remain engaged and active in the voting booth, in business, and in their communities to preserve our American democracy and solve the problems that impact the most Americans now and in the future. The American Leader will bring accumulated knowledge together with the news to make it easy for all citizens to understand and stay focused on social problems and shared priorities, so that we can make more informed and independent choices about our elected and business leaders. Together, we can rebuild trust in our institutions and ensure that our democracy survives as a land where everyone can pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

This site is readying to move beyond concept stage. If you are interested in getting involved, please send an email to gblinzer AT