The common storyline, as portrayed in American history and our current political climate, is whether or not we should look to government, and especially, the federal government to solve the problems that face our society. How you answer this question often determines how liberal or conservative your are considered to be. Reality, of course, tells a different story that is far more organic than the typical black-and-white portrayal.

Every day, Americans are making choices in their personal and professional lives that affect the problems we are trying to solve. Some are famous politicians or chief executives whom you already know, but scores of others make their choices mostly below the media radar. The lack of a spotlight does not diminish their bold choices that in big ways and small support American values of political freedom and the common good while helping to make our country and our world a better place to live.

The American Leader is proud to showcase these leaders and the choices they’ve made. Together, their stories present a glimpse of the breadth of action and innovation that a diverse range of courageous and independent-minded people can take to solve our common problems. We hope they may inspire you to be bold in your own way.

NameSectorSolution(s) Supported
Warren BuffetPrivateEITC, Increase Taxes on the Wealthy
Members of the Patriotic MillionairesNot-for-ProfitIncrease Taxes on the Wealthy, Raise the Minimum Wage
Bernie SandersGovernmentRaise the Minimum Wage, Increase Taxes on the Wealthy
Dan PricePrivateRaise the Minimum Wage, Limit Executive Compensation
Paul RyanGovernmentEITC
Robert WilmerPrivateLimit Executive Compensation
Danielle VogelPrivateRaise the Minimum Wage, Reduce Carbon Emissions

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