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Progress Updates

Tax Cuts to Increase National Debt

Efforts to control the annual budget and the nation's debt took a large step backward when Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in December. According to the ...
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“CFPB Funding Unconstitutional, So Let’s Get Rid of It”

Does not productively advance the discussion of Big Government or the CFPBIn an opinion piece published in Forbes on Feb. 8, free market advocate George Leef raises a potentially valid ...
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Scientists Accurately Predict 2016 CO2 Levels

A team of scientists was able to predict with substantial accuracy the highest and lowest levels of atmospheric CO2 concentrations and when they would occur. Writing on the website CarbonBrief, ...
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Washington Makes Climate Moves

The nation's capital is taking climate change seriously - in the mayor's office, if not on Capitol Hill. In a letter to her constituents today, Mayor Muriel Bowser reviewed the District's ...
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Missouri Passes ESOP Legislation

Overriding the veto of Governor Jay Nixon, the Missouri General Assembly passed the Stock Ownership Deduction Act (HB 2030), which allows a company to defer up to 50 percent of the taxes ...
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Incomes Surge, Poverty Down Slightly

Today's headlines seized on highlights from a US Census Bureau report, Income and Poverty in the United States: 2015, excitedly extolling the good news that household incomes "surged" (Wall Street Journal), "soared" (Washington ...
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Right Finds Common Ground with EITC Proposal

While Bernie Sanders is justly credited with turning the media and political spotlight on the problem of income inequality, conservatives have, indirectly, taken their seats at the table to open discussions on finding ...
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Learning Gap Is Closing Despite Income, Wealth Inequalities

A new study from Stanford University supports the surprising conclusion that children from wealthy and poor families are entering kindergarten with a closer capacity for achievement than in the past.  The ...
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